100% Money Back Guarantee 5-8 Shades Whiter 1 week!

Official Shock Bright Teeth Whitening Kits 60% OFF

shock bright home teeth whitening kits

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5-8 shades whiter in 1 week 100% money back guarantee!


Now with 44% whitening peroxide for MAXIMUM WHITENING in as little as 1 WEEK!!

Shock Bright is formulated in the U.S.A to give you fast, safe whitening from the convenience of your home. Through years of research and development, Shock Bright combines 6 of the most powerful whitening ingredients at the safest levels, leaving you with much whiter teeth with less sensitivity than any other product on the market today. When you buy Shock Bright, you know that you are dealing with a United States Corporation, which is held to the highest standards world wide.

home teeth whitening kit

Follow the instructions and apply Shock Bright 1 -2 times a day for 45-60 minute sessions for 1 full week, and you can expect 5-8 shades whiter, and the manufacturer backs that up with 100% money back guarantee.

before and after

Each Kit Contains:

  • 7 – 3ml syringes of 44% carbamide peroxide gel
    • 3 times the quantity in normal take home bleach kits offered elsewhere
  • 2 thermoforming mouth trays for easy application
  • 1 Storage Case for bleach trays
  • 1 Mini LED Light for light accelerate whitening
  • 1 whitening pen for quick touchups and easy maintenance
  • 1 Shades whiter guide to track progress
  • 1 Multi use storage bag